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White wine

White wine is a type of wine that is often characterized by its light yellow color. There are two main ways to produce white wine: using non-colored grapes or using red-skinned grapes but not allowing the juice to extract any pigment from the skin. A variety of grape types can be used to create white wine, including green, gold or yellowish grapes, or the juice of select red grapes such as in some Champagnes.

White wine is a popular choice for those looking for a refreshing drink to accompany lighter meals or as an aperitif. Compared to red wine, white wine is generally considered lighter in style and taste, making it perfect for spring and summer occasions. While the traditional rule of “white wine with white meat” often applies, there are many exceptions and personal preferences that can dictate which wine is best paired with a particular dish.

Whether you prefer a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a sweet Riesling, white wine is a versatile and tasty option that is sure to please many palates.

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