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Many countries around the world make sparkling wine, each of them unique. The best-known sparkling wine is, of course, Champagne. Though so much sparkling wine is referred to as Champagne, true Champagne must come from the namesake area and is one of a kind in taste, texture and reputation. The region is responsible for perfecting the bubble-making process, often referred to as methode champanoise or traditional method.

Beyond those rules, there are many details involved that make Champagne and its method of winemaking so distinctive, which is why it is emulated in so many winemaking areas. The categories of Champagne, and wine in the Champagne style, include vintage, non-vintage, as well as Rosé.

In the US, California leads the way in sparkling wine made in the traditional method. Many wineries in California are owned and operated by Champagne house companies, and you may find the California bottles similar in style to their French counterparts.

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