EST. 1988
Temecula, California

Thornton Winery

The Original Champagne House

Thornton Winery is nestled in the heart of the Temecula Valley Wine Country.
The winery combines old world style with new world taste to create award-winning and premium varietal wines.

Upcoming Champagne Concerts

Brian Culbertson Lindsey Webster Concert Photo
Saturday, June 4
An Evening with
Featuring Marcus Anderson & Marqueal Jordan
Lindsey Webster
Norman Brown - Paul Taylor concert Photo
Saturday, June 18
Norman Brown
Paul Taylor
Peter White | Vincent Ingala
Saturday, June 25
Peter White
Vincent Ingala

Upcoming Friday Night Concerts

BIG Brothers Ignited In A Groove
Friday, May 27
Brothers Igniting a Groove
Santana Ways artist photo
Friday, June 10
Santana Ways
A Tribute to Santana
Lifetime Rocker artist-photo
Friday, June 17
Lifetime Rocker

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

The popping of a Champagne cork is one of the most euphoric and recognisable sounds in the world. However, it’s not a beverage that must solely be reserved for special occasions.

Chocolate Wine

Ahhh, if only there were a chocolate grape. But, with a winemaker’s skillful blending, two loves are now a match made in heaven. Chocolate wines are made by infusing red or white wine with chocolate flavors.
Thornton wine

Red Wine

Red wine is by far the most popular type of wine grapes. Its vines stretch across the globe and red wines are produced just about everywhere. They vary in taste and structure.

White Wine

White wine is often mistaken for being simple and not as complex as red wines. But just like their counter parts, they can have vastly different tastes. Like red wines, white wine has a plethora of varietals with region specific vines as well.