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Jason Lohrke
A Tribute to Neil Diamond

Portraying early Neil Diamond during this live concert, Jason takes the audience back in time sharing true and fascinating facts of Diamond’s childhood, teenage, and early adult years in Brooklyn New York within Tin Pan Alley and the infamous Brill Building. The concert is packed with an incredible live band performance of Neil’s legendary songs. These were and are the legendary hits that moved Diamond into his international superstardom of the 1960’s, 1970’s and up to the epic Motion Picture Soundtrack, ‘The Jazz Singer” from 1980.

This highly reviewed and interactive new show is filled with surprising points of drama, humor, excitement, hope, and infectious inspiration. It is a new tribute production that includes an interwoven storyline of the life of one of the world’s most beloved and celebrated singer, song-writer and living legend performer’s of all time, Neil Diamond. A 70 show theatre residency just completed for this new tribute in 2018 @ the 330 seat luxury Welk Theatre in San Diego, CA.

Performing in original rock bands as a signed recording artist and as a solo artist since the 1990’s, Jason has spent the last 5 years doing tributes to various artists, such as; David Bowie, Bono of U2, and Jim Morrison of The Doors. He has however spent most of that time entertaining as early Neil Diamond. His other love for stage theatre since the age of 10, is now combined for his love of live music in this new production that he has written and produced. He currently lives with his wife Jennifer and their three children in Mission Viejo, CA. He performs throughout the year at various venues including, but not exclusive to; festivals, theaters, wineries, corporate events, and private parties. He performs both as a solo artist and with his band of 5 to 14 musicians.

“Jason Lohrke has a fantastic voice and he’s an amazing performer! And he can sound and perform exactly like early Neil Diamond.” – Michael Seligman, The Academy Awards Supervising Producer 40 Years

“Within three words of the opening song, Shilo, it was clear Jason Lohrke, portraying ‘early’ Neil Diamond, had mastered the singer’s distinctive tone.” – The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Jason not only looks and sounds like Neil Diamond in his earlier years, but his performance gives meticulous attention to Diamond’s show mannerisms. These were all excellent is this high energy show, which includes a tight, fun, 7-piece rocking band!” -Michael Polin BRAVO San Diego Theatre Reviews.