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A Tribute To Bon Jovi

WANTED is an incredible replication of the music of Bon Jovi that was created with one purpose in mind…To create a fun concert environment in the style, vibe and atmosphere of the spectacle that is known as a live Bon Jovi show. The band was created after numerous requests from agents and promoters who have worked with the band on other projects, and was two years in the making. WANTED is based out of Los Angeles California and is comprised completely of established professional national act musicians. WANTED is a slick, rock and roll machine that has played to rave reviews and sold out venues almost immediately after the band’s first shows.

We have always felt that the music of Bon Jovi has had a way of affecting people in an amazingly positive fashion, and the way that joy and happiness would virtually explode at a live Bon Jovi show was nothing short of amazing. It is, and always will be, our mission to do everything humanly possible to give that same experience to the concert goer and make them leave the venue that night feeling that they experienced a true “re-creation” of the Bon Jovi concert experience and that they absolutely got their money’s worth.

The greatest thing about doing this show is that we are true fans of this music and we get to be completely immersed into this incredible live experience! We can honestly say that at every gig we do, we can’t wait to get on stage and get that great vibe started. At a WANTED show, you will immediately see that this is a labor of love, and that we want everyone in attendance to have as much fun at the show as we do!

We have spent an enormous amount of time, effort, sweat, and resources to put together a show that not only will entertain audiences, but will also command a high level of musical respect for the great job they have done to re-create this incredibly successful music. All of the band members are seasoned professional players who have toured and recorded extensively. This level of professionalism is rarely seen and I feel very privileged to have them with me on this journey.

We hope to see you soon, and if we do, get ready for some great music, a great night out, and a BON-afide good time! “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself”