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The Cheez Whiz Band

The Cheez Whiz band was formed in 2017 by former members of highly successful Southern California 80s band Freeze Frame. The Cheez Whiz Mission: To boldly set free all the biggest hits of the 80s that those other bands won’t play because they are too cool. We are not cool. In fact, we strive to be the cheesiest 80s dance and cover band on the planet. No more of those tired old classic rock tunes played to death by every local bar band in the country. The Cheez Whiz Band plays the best, and cheesiest 80s hits ever recorded and they do it with professional quality, enthusiasm, choreography and production. From hair metal classics like The Final Countdown and Cherry Pie to Pop candy like We Built This City and Karma Chameleon, Cheez Whiz has no boundaries. Looking for some Tiffany? We got it. Want some Wham? We’re not ashamed to go there. A multimedia experience complete with props, dance moves, crowd interaction and free cheese, the Cheez Whiz band is a musical experience you will not want to miss.