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(Brothers Igniting A Groove)

B.I.G. (Brothers Igniting A Groove) is an R&B Smooth Jazz and old school funk band based out of Orange County, playing both covers and original music. Originally formed in ’02, the core group consists of founding member Marcus “Slim” Shaw on bass, guitar and vocals, along with, Marvin McDaniel on guitar and vocal, John Bell on keys and bass, Jon Mykal lead vocalist and Andrew Jaimez on drums. B.I.G. can perform with as little as 4 members, or as large as 9 with our extended family of vocalists, brass and woodwind players, instrumentalists, and percussionists.

Some of the guest performers in the B.I.G. extended family include Claude Woods from the Al McKay Allstars. Jara Harris from Slapbak on drums, keys, guitar or and also bass at times. Robert Bullet Harris on vocals and guitar. We’re an exciting high energy band as you might see us stepping and enjoying the energy we receive from our patrons all night. Must See Band best describes us.