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Journey Captured
A Tribute to Journey

Welcome Journey Enthusiasts! Journey Captured is a band of passionate musicians that have come together to bring back the good times. Your memories will be reignited from all the classic rock hits to the tender, poetic ballads.

We will take you back to “feeling that way”, cranking their songs in your first car and slow dancing with your first love. We are dedicated to faithfully capturing the soundtrack of your lives and invite you to join us in our Journey.

The movie never ends; it goes on and on…

The lead singer, Todd Dion, Keyboard Player, Greg D’Amico, and Guitarist, Sean Swisher, are the original band members, people in the video, with exception with the drummer, Scott Brooks, and myself, Bass Player, Giorgio Tupanjanin. The rhythm section (New and improved) was changed about a years and a half ago. Both Scott Brooks, and myself, are graduates of music conservatory’s, with Scott Brooks, from (GIT) College of Contemporary Music, and myself, Los Angeles College of Music (LACM).